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Registered Charity No. 1150184


Sunday 24th March 2019

09:00 Breakfast Church

10.30 Service

God is Omnipotent Part 2

"Living in Brokenness and Vulnerability"

Psalm 46 vs 1-11; Psalm 91 vs 1-16

 Refreshments will be available after the Sunday service

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                  We hope that the information you find on the following pages will be of interest to you &

tell you something of who and what we are all about & perhaps encourage you to explore more about the Christian faith.

You may like to come along & pay us a visit and if that is the case we want to assure you of a warm welcome to our church

and to any of our varied activities that go on here during the week.

We are a family focused church, which means that we cater for all ages from early years to those in their autumn years.

We believe that the message we share and the values we live by are as relevant today as they have ever been,

& it is thrilling to see the way many people's lives continue to be transformed through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.